Why We Paddle


Paddling brings together folks from every walk of life. Whether it's a leisurely outing or training for a race, the water brings us together.

Family Friendly

Spending time on the water with family creates memories that can last a lifetime. Furthermore, paddling can teach kids independence and problem solving skills. 


Getaway! Escape the office and stresses life throws at you. Time on the water offers a reprieve from life's demands, and offers an opportunity to enjoy the splendors of nature.

Our Cause

Recreational Access and Pearl River Water Trail Development

WHAT:  One  of the goals of Pearl Riverkeeper is increased access to our Pearl River via more boat ramps and kayak launches and the development of more Water Trail maps.  A Water Trail map is a river trip planning resource that helps visitors understand and prepare for an adventure on the river.  The map depicts recreational waterway routes along  with information about safety issues, public access points, history and ecology of a watershed, mileage, and water flow. Click here for the Pearl River Trail map developed by Mississippi's Lower Delta Partnership.
WHY:  The Pearl River runs through the heart of our Mississippi state capital and yet there are zero public access boat launches for 66 miles from the Ross Barnett Spillway Dam to the next launch at the Georgetown Bridge.  Increasing access to our Pearl River will enhance outdoor recreation opportunities in our area, resulting in positive economic impacts from tourism and property values.  Building a community of active river-users will lead to increased conservation efforts on our  river.  

~Courtesy of Pearl River Keeper Website

Pearl River Clean Sweep

The Inaugural Pearl River Clean Sweep took place on September 23, 2017. With over 250 Volunteers taking part, over 36,000 pounds of Trash was collected from the Pearl River and its tributaries. 

~Statistics Courtesy of Pearl River Keeper Website

The Gator Bait Race Committee is proud to be part of the Clean Water Team!